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Different reactions to the Pandemic

The Enneagram is a personality typing system with an uncanny accuracy in describing nine ways of being. Each Type with a particular world view, which impacts the unique way each of us brings our own thoughts, feelings, reactions and inner motivations to any situation.

Each Type has a particular reaction and way of dealing with the pandemic. This is an opportunity to notice our strengths and weaknesses during a crisis and an opportunity to appreciate and understand the other Types. It helps us to have compassion for others, especially during the lock down.

Here is a simplistic view of each Type and just notice if you can recognize your Type.

Type One - Perfectionist : Tries to figure out the correct moral action and how to model said behaviour. Upset that others are not following guidelines and hoarding resources. They are attuned too all things going wrong in an imperfect world.

Type Two - Caregiver: has a deep need for connection. Is devastated they cannot connect with people and is finding ways to be of service virtually or during social distancing - sewing masks, taking food for elderly, buying groceries for others, organizing charitable donations. Bb

Type Three - Achiever: They are strategizing best way to come through this pandemic and make it a success story. They are developing plans and goals. They immediately get busy accomplishing goals in the most effective and efficient ways. Taking the opportunity to accomplish some personal goal. They are having difficulty during this time with every thing locked down that plans may not come through.

Type Four - Individualist : Is experiencing emotional highs and lows. At times they are not worried but feel lonely and at other times emotions of others overwhelm them. They are thinking about death more than usual and enjoying melancholy dreams about who will miss them. Highly individualistic and authentic will spend time, journalling, painting, retreating into their own internal colourful worlds.

Type Five - Investigator: This type is most

With the quarantine at first, until they are stuck at home with others, draining their inner resources. They need space to recharge their feeling of constant depletion. They desperately need some alone time. They have done all the research and keep others updated. which sources can We trust for accurate information? Scientific reports, news reports, they want to know about virus and are worried they will not have the right answers.

Type Six - Loyal Skeptic: They either feel prepared, calm focused and ready, as they have prepared for this big crisis all their life and are ready to take action. Or feel unprepared, overwhelmed with anxiety about all the worst case scenarios which could happen. Need to reach out and stay connected to their support groups. Trying to make themselves and others feel comfortable.

Type Seven- Enthusiasts: Struggling by being trapped and missing out, nothing to do, nowhere to go. They are looking for every way to escape the lock down. Dreaming of places to go. They are in emotional pain with family demands and forced to stay home.

They may be looking for new activities, hosting zoom parties, sneaking out to see a friend.

Type Eight - Challenger: Taking it all very seriously. Extremely intent on stopping the spread. They are mad they cannot protect and provide for everyone. They are determined to get rid of the virus. Realize people who are incompetent have power to restrict their movements. See people post and groan, this is not helping anyone, we will not get through this if people do not take this seriously. Do not like the feeling of vulnerability, being out of control and powerless.

Type Nine: Peacemaker: Fluctuate between everything is going to be fine and the worse is coming while listening to News. They see comments on peoples’ posts and sigh. This is the friend who numbs out, at times seems unaffected. They get exhausted by thinking about Covid -19, because they can empathize and understand all perspectives, but cannot figure out who is right. They get overwhelmed and just need to escape all those negative feelings and shut down with Netflix, naps, there own internal positive worlds, can affect their relationships. They long for truth, while being sure to respect everyone else. Need space to say what they have bottled up inside without and judgments.

Which patterns do you recognize in your reactions to the pandemic?

If you are interested in finding out more about your type, please book an enneagram inquiry session with me or send me an email.

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