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Shifting from Aha to Ha Ha!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

"Life just deals us cards that do not add up to much...and eventually we give up on our dreams."

What if there was a way to look at those cards differently?

To look at them from new perspectives, from various directions, to move them around, to decipher the messages.

What if we could arrange them in a way that the message became clearer? The opportunities and choices became visible, empowering you to take inspired action.

What if we could change your hand of cards from blah to brilliant?

What if these cards were like mirrors to to your subconscious, to your soul? A reflecting pond, where you could delve deeper beyond the surface, to the truth and what was truly important to you.

What if these cards with inquiry, words and powerful questions could help you turn your dreams into reality?

Would you be willing to engage in this game, would you be willing to explore new perspectives?

I am speaking about the technique of using cards, with images of objects, people, situations, words, questions, quotes to help them explore and expand their perspectives. A game that is both engaging, interactive, intriguing, which expands our curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness and perspectives. A game which engages both the right and left brain, and is a bridge to both our rational and emotional sides.

This is a coaching process I use in my coaching sessions and conversations to help people gain clarity, to see blind spots options and perspectives that may have been hidden to them. a subtle way of seeing what may be holding them back, what resistance or obstacle may be in their way of success. It helps them shift from significance to lightness to clarity. It shifts them from aha to ha ha. Those incredible moments when something becomes so crystal clear, they get it and it puts a smile on their face. A smile that just makes them feel joyful, because what seemed so unattainable, in an instant became within their reach. These are the Aha moments that shift to Ha Ha joyful, inspiring, empowering, and fulfilling moments.

Come join me for a session, bring your questions, we can partake in a coaching game and I promise you, you will leave with some inspired actions.

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