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Just one drop of awareness

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Rebuilding my new website, drop by drop, letting it evolve into exactly what it needs to become, is a new and exciting adventure for me.

So as I sit and wonder what to write, I became curious...

What would make a written piece powerful and meaningful?

I pulled a card which I often do to focus and reflect... the card I chose was a picture of a person about to cross a pedestrian walk with one foot on the road. The person was wearing a comfortable pair of shoes and a pair of jeans. The word on the card was "rhythm."

I began to look at the image and the word to see how they might be connected. The jeans and the shoe spoke to me of being comfortable , easy going and natural. As the person crossed the road they were not paying attention to the lines in the road( structures, rules), stepping outside the lines ( being different). The word "rhythm" then made me think of flow, breath, everything has an energy a pattern, a flow. Life has a rhythm and flow, everyone's life has a different rhythm and flow.

I thought about my question once again and how it all came together.

"What would make a written piece powerful and meaningful?"

I began to write the words, thoughts and images that bubble up in me.

Just Breathe

Just Be

Just Write....

Let the ink flow from your pen like a river of words on your page, words you did not know were there, words from deep within. Allow your emotions, thoughts, impressions to cascade onto the page, spiralling forming a pond, collecting your memories, reflecting your deepest feelings.

Just Be... share your experiences, your challenges, your strengths, your vulnerabilities, your joy, sorrows, regrets and gratitude. Your personal journey of self discovery, and lessons learned. Let them wash over the page, cleansing, releasing, healing your wounds, your life.

Just B reath E

Listen to your inner beat, there is no critic here, no editor for your words. Write as though no one else is watching, no one is reading, no one is judging. Infuse the piece with your energy, and your curiousity.

What is your Vibe?

Who is Your Tribe?

What message may be written?

What one drop of awareness would you share, never knowing how your words may impact, or inspire someone? Spill your awareness, one drop at a time, causing gentle ripples to flow into a person's life, reverberating with a simple truth that touches them in a way that changes them forever.

Just write...just breathe... just BE!

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