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Writing for self discovery

During a creative writing course a couple of years ago, while on the journey to know myself, the following poem bubbled up during a writing session.

I remember sitting stumped wondering what should I write...

What could I possibly say?

I have nothing of value to write,

You are not creative,

This class is going to finish and my page will still be blank

You better think of something fast....

Blank page, clean slate not a mark on the page.

My inner committee was going crazing coming up with all the reasons why I should not even attempt to use that pencil. Trying their hardest to keep me safe from embarrassment, disappointment, failure, feeling totally vulnerable.

Then, I decided to close my eyes, I took a long, deep breathe and thought of my favourite colour. Blue, it reminds me of water and soothes me. I wrote the single word Blue at the top of my page. Then the magic happened. Every image just bubbled up vivid in my mind, and each thought bubble became a line, which I captured with my pencil, creating a web of scribbles and word bubbles, and so my poem came to life on my page.


Blue Aquarian,

Baring her energy,

Her essence for you

Her black and blue anger,

That ebbs and flows,

Like wild waves



Overwhelming her.

She sings the blues,

A song of sorrow,

For all the loves

She has lost,






Her blue watery tears,




Down her cheeks

Washing her face,

Giving the healing that,

Only blue light

Can Offer.

Caribbean blue


Delightfully darting,

Here and there,

Like treasured turquoise,

Blue bedazzling jewels,

Which bring her

Out of the darkness

Into the blue light

Light bulb blue

Blue intuition

Enlightening her life,

Blue moments

Bubbles of light

Bursting with beauty

Blue heaven



By Lydia Mattison

All that was needed was a PAUSE, a place to allow, a space free of thoughts, judgements, fears and anxiety. A space filled with possibility. A space called an Empowering Space.

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