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The Enneagram

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for self-discovery and I am extremely passionate about spreading the word. I co-facilitated an introductory workshop on the Enneagram at the Cascadia Hotel. Some of the comments from the participants were: interactive, fun, informative, revealing, enlightening, opening, illuminating.

The enneagram is a wealth of knowledge and helps us achieve compassion, peace, joy and abundance in our lives. The enneagram helps us transform self defeating behaviours into life enhancing personal empowerment. If you are seriously intent on removing the blocks to awareness or lifting the veils to achieve clarity, to live a more conscious life, and experience more meaningful relationships both personally and professionally, then the Enneagram presents us with an exceptional tool.

Some of the gifts of the Enneagram are:

  • Discovering our core issues, and the repetitive patterns that keep showing up in your life. It offers and identifies effective ways of dealing with these issues.

  • It shows us the particular filters through which we perceive the world

  • It helps us rediscover our soul essence and the spiritual heights we are capable of attaining.

  • It shows us our gifts, strengths.

  • It gently sheds light non-judgmentally on our darkest shadows, which limit us, in order to set us free

  • You will become more insightful about yourself and others

  • It reveals our deepest motivations

The Enneagram tells us a great deal about how we view the world, our values, our fears, our desires, our motivations, the kinds of choices we are likely to make and how we will react under stress.

Our basic type reveals the strategies we developed, the self-images, and the behaviors which allowed us to cope with and survive our early environment, but by which we forgot our true nature, Our Divine Essence, the way we abandon ourselves.

Work with the Enneagram begins when you identify your type and begin to understand the core issue of that type. should you need someone to walk you through this process and work with you on your type and patterns please send me an email in the “Contact Me” Link.

Working with the Enneagram enables us to learn to use all of our intelligences HEART, HEAD and GUT, instead of overcompensating with one. When we are aligned with these, we allow Spirit to work through us and develop our spiritual intelligence - Having a clear mind, and open heart and being grounded -right here, right now in the Present.


The wisdom of the Enneagram was revealed to me while participating in my Deep Coach Training, Enneagram in Business - Train the Trainer Program, and The Enneagram Institute Training. I became aware of the true benefits of using the Enneagram in my coaching, both as a coach and for my clients, in my personal and my professional life. The Enneagram helps us unhook from identifying with our very small and limited self. It shows us the box in which we keep ourselves, small and safe. It opens us to unexpected and expanded vistas, new possibilities, choices and freedom to be in touch, know and experience our essence, truly bringing our brilliance into focus.

The Enneagram has been a remarkable tool for my own journey of self discovery. It has helped me see how life can be an irrational bumpy ride when we only see life through one lens. It has helped me see by box, my limits, my chains, my suffering and opened me up to a loving and compassionate heart.

I now choose to break open my box and use it as a sled to ride the waves of life in a joy filled, fun, exciting and fulfilling manner. It has opened my perspective and is an amazing tool for introspection and self discovery. It has expanded my visibility and offered me clarity, focus and choice, and amazing insights into all of my relationships.

Finding what really matters is a personal experience. Discover why the enneagram would matter to you, and if you need some help or a guide I will walk with you. Step into an Empowering Space.

If you are interested in working with me to discover your type and uncover your patterns, email me at empowering.space@gmail.com

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