The Enneagram is a blueprint of life and key to positive change which offers unlimited potential for growth, expansion, wisdom and contentment. It helps us understand the lens through which we view the world,  to open up the box into which we have unknowingly placed ourselves and free ourselves form habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that limit us. It opens us to to unexpected and expanded vistas, possibilities and choices and the freedom to know and experience our true potential.

If you are interested in;

Your uniqueness,

What makes you tick, 

What motivates you,

Why you keep making the same choices

Why the same issues keep appearing in your life,

How you can change this,

Schedule a discovery session with me and we can begin the exploration.



What people say


My work with Lydia has been powerful, igniting great change in my life!

Each time we work together,   I leave our session with great clarity about my business.

Our work propels me to new levels of success.

Lydia has an amazing gift - if you haven't worked with her, you are certainly missing out

Dana Zurbuchen, ACC, CPC