How I coach

My coaching style builds a very unique relationship. Together we design and personalize your program to fit your needs. Your session provides a trusting, non-judgmental environment where you can tap into your resourcefulness and creativity, to produce solutions and strategies and make powerful changes in your life. I offer you the option to use guidance cards during our sessions, which assist you in seeing new perspectives, and help you to develop and deepen your intuition. I will challenge you to remove any obstacles, doubts, fears, or limiting beliefs, that may be holding you back from achieving your potential. I will assist you in clarifying your goals, dreams and desires, so you reorient your life exclusively around your values, to get more of what you want.

Together we will design a plan of action for achieving your goals and desires and I will keep you on track. At the end of the session I will work with you to design specific assignments to complete before our next session, or an inquiry to journal. At every stage, you, the client have absolute discretion about what changes, time line and steps you are committed to take. As coaches, we believe you are the expert in your life and you have all the answers within, it is our job to ask the evocative questions. I use an integral approach as it affects all areas of your life. It helps you balance your doing with your being.

Download my coaching model here! My Coaching Model

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