The Flight of the Hummingbird - a coaching journey

The Flight of the Hummingbird

The Flight of the Hummingbird

What images come up for you when you hear the word HUMMINGBIRD?

Agility, Freedom, Joy, Adaptability, Courage, Resilience, Wonder, Energy, Happiness, Beauty, Love, Seeker.

I like to use metaphors in my coaching because symbology speaks on a deeper level to our hearts and souls. The essence of metaphor is understanding and experiencing one kind of thing in terms of another. A metaphor is about capturing the essential nature of an experience. For example comparing the experience of being coached as an epic, wondrous and amazing journey, like the epic flight of a hummingbird.  Metaphors are sprinkled throughout our daily language.

Whatever a person says, sees, hears, feels or does, as well as what they imagine, can be used to comprehend and reason through a metaphor, as seen below with the metaphor of the hummingbird’s flight.

  • What type of journey are you on?
  • How have you prepared for this journey?
  • What is needed on this journey?
  • How will you rest and nourish yourself?
  • How will you rebalance your energies?
  • What is the purpose of this journey?
  • Why is it important to take this journey?
  • What could stop you from making this journey?
  • What would it be like to be on this amazing journey?
  • What benefits will you see in your life if you embark on this journey?
  • What valuable lessons will you learn?

The Hummingbirds make epic journeys in their lives travelling huge distances, from Brazil all the way up to Central America and parts of the United States, whenever they hear that instinctive call.  During migration, they need to cross many obstacles, and against all odds.  Remarkable planners, they will know where every feeder or flower is along their path. At first glance, they seem, tiny, defenseless, vulnerable, however they are feisty and will defend what they love and will not back down from a fight.  What they may lack in physical strength and power, they make up in courage and bravery and strength of mind, heart and spirit. A tiny little bird, with high energy, constantly needing to feed and replenish its energy during these long trips, because of its high metabolic rate. They are extremely skilled at flight as they can dart forward, backward, sideways and are the only bird that can hover.  So what can we learn from this tiny, swift energetic, adept little hummingbird?

Those migrations are similar to the epic journeys of self awareness.  It is not only an inspiring metaphor but an energetic connection. Connecting to the qualities of the hummingbird and its energy can give us some valuable strategies.  They can provide us with the courage and guidance necessary to take this journey, a journey despite tremendous odds, where we feel there is not enough time, money, energy and resources or know how for what we are attempting.  Just like this tiny bird, if we settle for comfort in our nest and we deny the intuitive call of discovery, or compromise the soul’s longing to grow, we become weak, and wither and die. When we reawaken this great instinct to learn and to explore,  our lives become less mundane and trivial and becomes an exciting, passionate and uplifting epic journey.

On this journey you will have support and together we :

  • restore, health, joy, enthusiasm and vitality to all aspects of our lives.
  • reconnect to your life purpose and that which brings you joy
  • empower your individuality and uniqueness
  • re-establish personal boundaries
  • gain clarity and new insights
  • regain an enthusiasm for life
  • open up to choice and possibilities
  • manifest your dreams
  • make the impossible, possible by taking inspired actions.
If you you are someone with boundless energy, flitting form activity to activity, while your spirit feels drained, overwhelmed and under nourished, unable to find what you are looking for, then perhaps it is time to take a pause, some time out, to shift your perspective, gain some clarity, and re-energize and rebalance your energy. If you are looking to bring more joy into your life, you must be willing to slow down, to hover, to pause, to sip the sweet nectar that is your life.
This is an EMPOWERING SPACE, a space to bring your brilliance into focus, a reflective, safe space where you can truly get to rediscover who you are, what brings you joy, what makes your heart strum?  A place to listen to that inner hum and the song your heart wants to sing.
What gives your heart the greatest joy?


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