Clustering is a technique used in creative writing, it is like mind mapping your thoughts, capturing them in little bubbles and connecting them to one another. The writing that comes from clustering brings forth truths that you may have lost sight of, it has a quality of wholeness, requiring neither addition nor subtraction, it just is. It feels like coming full circle. I use this technique in my coaching to allow clients to get to their deeper thoughts and feelings.

Using the word MAYBE as a guide, take a sheet of paper and cluster words that come to your mind without any judgements. When you feel complete just start writing until you feel to stop.
Beneath is my vignette.


MAYBE was a woman,
as indecisive as COULD BE,
with wonderful intentions,
she eagerly set out to see,
what in the world she SHOULD BE.
But “wondering” along the way,
she became hesitant and afraid.
She did not know, which way to go,
which way, MIGHT set her free.
MAYBE, I SHOULD stop a while,
and ask a few directions,
or listen to the words,
someone else WOULD have to say.
SUPPOSE I take a wrong turn,
and end up getting lost..
SHOULD I pause a little,
to plead for some advice.
A little reassurance MAYBE,
that’s all I really need.

The time passed by,
MAYBE, MUST have stayed too long,
Listening to what others had to say.
She sat there now befuddled and confused,
deciding not to move.
Lamenting on the time lost,
and why she took that turn.
IF ONLY she had stayed on track
and listened to her HEART,
she would not still be pondering…
and what MAY HAVE BEEN.

by Lydia Mattison

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