Use of Guidance cards as a tool in coaching.

I often use cards with my clients only when they are open and willing. I have achieved amazing results and insights for both the client and myself. I use a variety of decks, Tarot, Grace Cards , Healing Cards and Self-care cards.

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating decks within a coaching session:

  • Builds rapport
  • Shifts Perspective
  • Uncovers limiting beliefs
  • Creates Passion
  • Highlights values
  • Identifies fears
  • Removes obstacles, blocks and challenges
  • Creativity and brainstorming
  • Acknowledges gifts, talents, skills
  • Sets Goals
  • Clarifies steps that can be taken to achieve goals

The Guidance Cards have helped my clients “see” their issue, as the art image acts as a mirror. Clients had huge insights, and were able to break through barriers much more easily than by auditory coaching - only using questions.

Tarot helped them to see clearly what they consciously might not want to acknowledge. It makes them aware of blind spots that they may have.It gives them deeper layers of insight and reveals common themes of which they were unaware.

It makes the session fun and creates a mood of playfulness, which allows the client to be relaxed and open to creativity and exploration in solutions to the issue at hand.

Tarot also provides them with confidence in themselves and learning to trust their “gut feelings”, their intuition, their inner knowing. It is extremely vallidating.

It ‘Cuts to the chase’ in a non-threatening self-paced fashion
It is the client’s interpretation that is brought to the fore and it is this interpretation that is explored further, with coaching questions and inquiries.

The descriptive story that the client tells is reframed into the client’s personal reality, emotions, feelings attitudes of the figures are described by the client. Because the card mirrors your life it mirrors your feelings. E-motion is energy in motion, it is a readiness to act. It is impossible for people to think of every possibility, so that emotions become our coping mechanism, they help us cope with the unexpected and they attempt to find more beneficial and advantageous circumstances for us. Emotions shape how we see the world and give life its meaning. Our beliefs arise from the feelings we give to an event, that in turn creates our perspective and reality. Our feelings then determine our actions and then our consequences and outcome. When we work with cards it allows us to see and hear how the images are interpreted by the client and through the client’s eyes. It puts us in their world and we are then able to be more empathetic.

There are many benefits to using guidance cards- it is a tangible, visual tool - a picture is worth a thousand words Take a chance and open a door to self discovery and empowerment. Remember the cards are all you - every aspect of you. It is your life journey to self-discovery.

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