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Thrive versus Survive

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Happy New Year to all my followers and readers!!!!!!!!! Started the New Year with a Bang, facilitating my first workshop for 2010 with Partners Georgina Terry and Kaffi Phillips.  It is the first in a series of workshops we intend to host this year.  Coaching seems to be now catching on in my country and people are becoming more aware of the benefits of having a coach or partaking in a coaching workshop.  As the New Year rolls in, and with the global economic crisis vivid in our memories, many people are finding themselves in transition or at a crossroads in their life.  The world as we know it is shifting, getting smaller, more accessible, more fast paced, while our beliefs and values are also shifting and changing.  We need new tools and life skills to support us on our journey. What many participants discovered during the workshop is, the way in which we limit ourselves by focusing on only three of four areas in our lives, and so feel as though something is missing in our life.  We feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied, overwhelmed, confused.  Many times if there is a loss in one of these areas to which we have devoted most of our time, energy and resources, it can feel like our entire world is falling apart, or that we have lost everything. So what is the secret to thriving vs surviving: - Living a more balanced life, a life filled with joy and passion and the things that truly make your heart sing. Becoming the interior designer of your own life in an integral way - body,mind, heart, spirit.  Living a life by design versus a life by default.  Living a life in the present, not in the future …. Someday when… or in the past If only…… Your point of power is in the present, it is only in the present moment that you can take an inspired action that can change your past or future. How balanced is your life? Where do you dedicate your time, energy and resources? Where do you feel a gap in what you currently have and what you truly desire? Finances:- Income, investments, retirement Work:- Career, business Family:- married life, single life, children Health and Recreation:-Everything you do to take care of yourself Community:-Friends, social life, community involvement Living environment:- Your setting, your space, your home, office Personal Growth:- What you  do or learn to improve yourself Spirituality:- Your spiritual life. Rate each area of your life and if you are absolutely satisfied in this area of your life then you are thriving and give yourself a 10.  A 1 in this area of your life would mean that you are absolutely not satisfied with this area of your life and may be surviving or even suffering. How do you rate yourself between 1-10 in each area? What would a 10 look like in the area in which you scored the lowest mark? How can you begin to create this? What steps can you take to close in the gaps? What gets in your way? How do your habits, beliefs and behaviors need to be altered in order to close those gaps? Start designing your New Year, invest in yourself and your happiness. Take this opportunity to put your hands on the wheel of your life and turn it at a speed that returns you to happiness more quickly.  Learn to navigate these times as smoothly as possible, so you emerge more resilient, less drained, more energized and more inspired in your life. What first steps will you take to get you out of the passenger’s seat and put you back in the driver’s seat? If you are interested in attending one of our Thrive vs Survive Interactive Workshops send and email to   If you are interested in a professional coach who can assist you through the life design process, please send me an email through the form on my contact page. Stop delaying your happiness.