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Power of Purposeful Living

Sunday, December 13th, 2009
  • How would you know you were living a Purposeful Life?
  • What would be different from how you are living your life now?
  • What is a life purpose?
  • What does your heart and soul thrive upon?
  • How can you uncover Your purpose?
  • Why is it important to uncover your life purpose?

There is a purpose at work in everyone’s life. You may be very aware of it or it may be hidden to you. Your purpose is your reason for being - who you feel called to be and what you feel called to do. It is your vision for the world, your core value, what others can count on you for, your gift and a guiding principle that encompasses your life. A life purpose is more about who you are than what you do.  It is like the sword of clarity, it cuts though everything that is false and lets you see what is true about your life. It becomes a measure for every decision, choice and action.

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If your life is always being shaped by something, and you are unclear what your purpose is, what’s shaping your life right now?