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The Power of Personal renewal during Turbulent Times

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Join, Lydia Mattison and the founders of Keys To Living Workshops, Ruth Oprean Cardillo, CPCC and Maria Cristini, CPCC, for an interactive coaching hour.  Thursday 23rd April at 8pm EST on An Empowering Space - Your Hour of Power.

Together we will take a look at:

  • Self care as a portal to personal renewal
  • The value of sustaining personal renewal practices
  • The long term impact of personal renewal practices, routines and habits on ourselves and others
  • The four key areas we can focus on for personal renewal and positive energy in our lives

During this show we’ll take a deeper look at what practices of personal renewal look like for each of us individually and why making them a priority is a truly mature and life sustaining choice. As teleclass leaders, Maria and Ruth will guide listeners through some coaching exercises to help you reconnect to yourself and gain clarity around what the key areas of personal renewal are for you.  Through an interactive dialog, they will invite you to consider what the impact of sustained personal renewal practices might be on you, your family, friends and beyond.

Ruth and Maria are the founders of Keys To Living Workshops, a learning and coaching environment for personal development. Their work at Keys To Living, focuses on key areas of our lives that lead us to greater joy and fulfillment:  Vision and Clarity, Successful Relationships, Positive Energy and Personal Renewal, Finding Your Yes, and Appreciation, Gratitude and Receiving.  At KTL, you may participate in teleclasses, in-person workshops, the blog, and individual coaching, all designed to enhance your life experience.

You can find out more about their work at, and register for their online casinoFREE five week E-Course to get a sample of how to work with each of these key areas; and you can also register for their upcoming FREE teleclasses.

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Date:  April 23, 2009
Time: 5p PST/8 EST

Call in Number: 347-215-8414.

You can register as a listener in four easy steps at
Come join us and re-energize your life.