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Power of Finding Your Authentic Voice

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
  • Have you ever listened to your voice on a recording and wondered, who is that?
  • Is that what I really sound like to others?
  • Did they understand what I meant?
  • Gees, I stutter and stammer and fill in spaces with so many noises and sounds?
  • Am I  really that distracting when I speak?
  • Did anyone get the message?

Join me Lydia Mattison and my guest Nicki Mc Clusky at An Empowering Space- Your Hour of Power as Nicki shares with us some tips on the show Power of Finding Your Authentic Voice, at 8:00pm EST Thursday 19th March.

Nicki Mc Clusky has a dual practice in coaching and psychotherapy, based in St. Louis,   Missouri.  She has served individuals and groups wishing to gain psychotherapeutic insight, healing, and self understanding during the past 28 years. Nicki entered the Life and Spiritual Coaching world five years ago, first studying at Mentor Coach and the Institute for Life Coach Training for therapists.  She is presently pursuing higher levels of coaching certification through the International Coach Academy.

As a specialized Voice Coach, Nicki coaches clients to find and speak from the voice of their souls as they learn to become compelling, authentic speakers.  She works with trainers, coaches, TV news anchors, Radio hosts, local and state elected officials, coaches, podium speakers, executives, those creating videos, etc. to improve their vocal skills and their capacity to speak authentically and from inner Self power.

* What does having an Authentic Voice really mean?
* How do we hide our power with the words we speak, the language we use?
* What power an impact could your voice have in your personal and professional life?
* How can I reclaim my Authentic Voice?