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Power of falling awake - creating the life of your dreams

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

What if we could create the life of our dreams?

What would that look like? I’m sure it would be different for everyone.

What if there was a way we could …….

live a life filled with joy and gratitude,

a life where we could see the extraordinary in the ordinary,

a life filled with intimate and loving relationships,

a life of wholeness and authenticity ,

A life filled with purpose and meaning.

What if living a more conscious life was as simple as falling awake……

You may already be saying to yourself that my life works well, sure maybe some of the times we can tap into that joyous feeling, get a glimpse of wonder, but what if we could bring more of that into our everyday lives would you be interested in learning how?

Come join me and my guest Dave Ellis at Power of falling awake at 8:00pm EST, Thursday 31st July.

Dave EllisDave Ellis is a life coach, author, educator, and philanthropist. His book, Becoming a Master Student, is the best-selling college textbook in America. It has been translated into French and Spanish and is used by college students and faculty in the United States and several other countries to promote their success inside and outside the classroom. In addition to this book, he has authored or co-authored several other books on human effectiveness.

Dave is a respected lecturer and electrifying workshop leader who has captivated audiences nationally and worldwide, guiding people to achieve long-lasting, breakthrough performance results. Ellis practices what he teaches, utilizing his remarkable system in his own life. His friends and colleagues often describe him as the happiest person they know with an amazingly wonderful life. He has been sharing his strategies for success with national audiences since 1983.

What if living a more conscious life was as easy as Falling Awake……

Power of Loving Your Business- 9 to 5 Can be Happy Hour

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

* How many people do you know who are truly happy at work?
* Are you one of them?
* Are you a burnt out business owner or entrepreneur?
* Are you totally exhausted after a day at work and just seem to have no energy left for life?
* Are you a leader in your business or do you feel your business is taking you for a ride?
* Do you celebrate Fridays and dread Mondays?

Join me Thursday 24th at 8:00pm EST for the Power of Loving your business

Dana Zurbuchen helps entrepreneurs make more money and have more time and fulfillment in their lives! The result? Her clients reconnect to that loving feeling in their work. As Queen BEE (Business Enjoyment Expert), she rescues disconnected business owners from burn out, micromanaging and joyless success and offers innovative solutions to business challenges that transform business owners into inspired leaders.

Learn more about Dana and her work at or at

You can be happy and successful.

Power of uncovering your birth energies

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Marguerite ManningMarguerite Manning is a professional astrologer, author and spiritual life coach.
As the founder of Cosmic Connections, a personal enlightenment and astrological counseling service, her work is based on the philosophy of Carl Sagan, the spirituality of Edgar Cayce and the realization that only when science and spirit work together does this universe work divinely.

In 1994, Marguerite managed to combine her lifelong fascination for the stars above with her life-changing passion for the spirit within. This came about when she started guiding her clients to their earthly purpose by validating their soul’s history in the birth chart. The results were just too remarkable to ignore, making a brand new belief system too impossible to avoid. This personal journey of spiritual discovery led to the writing of her first article for the Mountain Astrologer, “The 12th House—Your Karmic Closet.” It also inspired her to enlighten others by conducting group seminars on karmic astrology called “Therapy for the Soul.” The tremendous interest and response these workshops generated compelled her to share the spiritual philosophy she embraced in her new bestseller, Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract with the Universe.

  • What is your contract with the universe?
  • Who are you and why are you here?
  • What secrets can your birth chart reveal to you?

Join us on Thursday 17th July at 8:00pm EST, at Marguerite Manning will be doing readings during this segment. If you are interested go to above link for your free birth chart. the number to call in is 347 215 8414.

Power of Alignment

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Dyan Garris, author of the best selling book Money and Manifesting will be interviewed Thursday 10th July at 8:00pm EST at

Dyan GarrisNot just another manual about the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking, Ms. Garris teaches exactly what stands in our way of manifesting, how to unblock the energy flow of money, and how to actually transform and integrate energy to get what you desire.

Dyan specializes in Automatic Chakra Balance.™ Chakra balance is an important part of the manifesting process. And Dyan not only teaches an easy and effective way to do this, but offers something very different in Money and Manifesting.

Come see how our beliefs about money prevent manifestation?
What beliefs do you have about money?
Money is….
People who have money are….
How did you finish these sentences?

Looking forward to you joining us in the chat room with questions or calling in 347 215 8414

Empower yourself! Thursday 10th July at 8:00pm EST. Join us for Power of Alignment- Manifesting through Integration