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Power of Creativity - what life are you willing to create?

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Ruth Oprean CardilloRuth Oprean Cardillo has a diverse background that enriches and informs her work as a coach, speaker, teacher and artist. She has degrees in both writing and fine arts and coaching certification through The Coaches Training Institute. Her work history includes corporate broadcasting, education, arts and entrepreneurship.

In the area of creativity, Ruth embraces the concept that we are all creative, resourceful and whole. As her work has unfolded, she has become increasingly interested in creativity. From her perspective, it is the nurturing and reclaiming of our natural creative selves and minds that is necessary for personal and global change. She is continually searching for understanding of how creativity moves through us and in us and how we connect to individual and communal creativity for greater joy, fulfillment and expansion.

Ruth lives in San Francisco with her two children. She is on staff at The San Francisco School, and runs a private coaching practice, Meristem Coaching. You can contact her for coaching or speaking engagements at

Join Us on An Empowering Space - Your Hour of Power as we speak about the Power of Creativity - recovering your creative self, on Thursday 3rd July at 8:00pm EST.

* How and where does creativity show up in our lives?
* How can we reconnect to our creative selves?
* What stops us from being creative?

This show was previously recorded on Thursday 19th June, however the audio needed to be edited and can now be heard this Thursday at

Freedom at your Fingertips

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

No sooner had I finished my EFT radio Interview with EFT Master Maggie Adkins, I received an email from one of my local listeners to let me know that there was an all day workshop on EFT in my country. It was being facilitated by Jan Harr B.A. EFT -adv. from Colorado. I was so excited, as I had read the EFT manual looked at all the training videos, but did not want to pass up the opportunity to participate in a workshop…………….


Power of EFT - Tapping your way to freedom

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Maggie AdkinsMaggie Adkins says: “If I had to name “the” passion in my life it would be discovering what truly self-empowers me. The other part of that passion is sharing those self-empowerment tools with others. ”

Her greatest love is teaching and working with clients with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT has quickly become the most popular of the new energy psychology techniques for a very good reason: It works! One of the things she loves most about EFT is that it’s easy to do for yourself. That means you can work with issues as they come up, regardless of where you are – including on a horse!

Maggie has received the highest honor in EFT, that of EFT Master. There are currently 29 EFT Masters in the world, of which there are two in Australia.

She teaches EFT in workshops, conferences and private sessions throughout Australia and the U.S. for the last10 years now. I attended the 1999 International Energy Psychology Conference and presented at the 2000 International Conference. She has recently returned “home” to Australia after living in U.S. for 4 years.

Her specialties are working with people to rid themselves of fears, past traumas, low self esteem, pain and business mentoring. Her Inner Dialogue work with EFT is one of many EFT tools she uses on a daily basis. Inner Dialogues allows a new trusting relationship to be formed with whatever part of us is isolated or separate.

Join me on an Empowering Space with my guest Maggie Adkins on Thursday the 26th June at 8:00pm EST.

  • What is EFT - Emotional Freedom Techinques?
  • How can EFT help me?
  • What types of issues can EFT resolve?
  • What is the easiest way to learn EFT?

This is the perfect opportunity to have all your questions answered about EFT. You can post your questions for this show ahead of time here in the comments section of this post or call 347 215 8414 during the show.

Please print this chart and have handy during the show Power of EFT

Here are some interesting EFT links:

Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT videopromo

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Watch the new EFT video

Power of Manifestation - creating miracles in your life

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Alan SealeAlan Seale is a leadership and transformation coach, an inspirational speaker, a spiritual teacher, and an author. He helps individuals and organizations set themselves free from limiting beliefs, perceptions and practices, and empower them to create the lives they are called to live.

Both ancient wisdom traditions and modern-day quantum physics tell us that everything is made up of vibrating energy. You, your soul, your life, your work, your relationships, your organization, everything around you — at their essence they are all energy in motion. When we relate to life as energy in motion, and partner with the laws of energy for creation and manifestation, extraordinary things happen.

Join us Thursday 5th June???????? at 8:00pm EST as he shows us how to turn ideas into results, dreams into reality, on Power of Manifestation

Alan will guide us through the amazing and practical process of The Manifestation Wheel. He shows us that when we align “I want” with “what wants to happen” amazing things can happen.

  • What wants to happen in your life?

Famous Failures-don’t let failure stand in your way

Sunday, June 1st, 2008