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Power of Reflection - learning to love yourself.

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Heather BusherHeather Busher joyfully claims no expertise, carrying the title of Your Fellow Traveler on the Curious Path of Life. Her clients and appreciators find her presence soothing, inspirational and delightful. She addresses the serious topics of life commonly avoided by the distracted soul, with a light heart, quick laugh and loving nature. Although trained in the art of coaching, Heather continues to intuitively develop her own unique approach to helping the masses, which she currently calls soul guidance. Using her constantly growing skill-sets, Heather simply leads you back to witness your own brilliance.
Come listen to Power of Reflection -learning to love yourself with Soul Guide, Heather Busher creator of Spirit Reflection(TM) [play]shops. She has created a creative, fun way to learn to love yourself. It is a mirror that reflects not only your “i’m-perfect” exterior, but also your inner joy and truth. Join us as we explore ways of treating ourselves with loving kindness.

  • What does it mean to love yourself?
  • What are some ways we do not love ourselves?
  • Do people who irritate me reflect a part of me that I have disowned?

Thursday 28th February, 2008 - 7:00pm EST or 8:00pmlocal Trini time.

Apologies to all listeners and supporters

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

I want to apologize to all listeners and supporters and especially to my special guest Alan Seale authour of Intuitive Living - A Sacred Path. Last night I got dropped off the internet for most of my show. I was unable to call in as all of my numbers are on the switchboard which allows me to host the programme at Blog Talk Radio. The internet being down would not allow me to send an email or alert the listeners in the chat room what was happening or receive any callers.

I do hope I will be able to reschedule this show, as I would love to share with you the wisdom of Alan Seale and his book “Intuitive Living” which is crammed full of wonderful meditations and exercises to help you develop your intuition and connection for working with Spirit.

You can purchase his book here.

I pulled a card and asked “what does my soul want me to learn from this experience” and the card I pulled was “Wisdom”

The message for me is no matter how we plan things and organize them, there are certain things you cannot control, and nothing happens before its time. The cup of wisdom is being presented to me. I must listen to the coincidences, signs, synchronicities around me, watch for the messages from angels, teachers, guides.

Wisdom does not only come from my successes and joy filled times but also from my failures, deflated dreams, and seemingly wrong turns, or just when everything seems to be going wrong.

I must learn to cherish every experience, as it deepens my understanding and compassion and puts me in touch with the language of my soul.

The card I chose at the beginning of the show was CONNECT - and it states

“Find your centre.

When we stay connected to our spiritual core, the best and most advantageous path unfolds before us. “

I believe that is the meaning of Intuitive Living.

So I take what actions I am guided to take this week and look to see how my path will unfold…….

I called my guest and he most graciously agreed to be my guest on April the 10th.  I believe this has given everyone a chance to see how intuitve living shows up for them in the next month. Looking forward to hear your sharing on the show.

Valentine’s Gift - love has no boundaries

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Well this was an unbelievable week. I returned home from my trip to Colorado where I went to learn to ski at the great age of 46. Yes that is right age is never an excuse. We had the most amazing holiday.

The following day after we returned I received a phone call from my son, who had remained in Colorado to ski, saying that he was in the clinic and had a small skiing accident. Without giving details, he damaged and dislocated his shoulder and was at the clinic getting treatment.

His ski holiday had now been cut short and we would need to fly him to Orlando where his cousin is a physiotherapist and would ensure that he could have whatever treatment was necessary.

However her father was rushed in for surgery that day and she needed to be here in Trinidad to assist him.

My son was in excruciating pain and could not even entertain the ride to the clinic, far less traveling on a plane for hours. He is 6ft 3 inches and traveling on a plane is like packing him into a sardine can, more so with a damaged shoulder.

I decided to go ahead and make arrangements so that he would meet his cousin on her return to the US and they would carry on to Orlando. That took one and a half hours talking to an American Airlines Agent , who tried her best to make every single combination possible to get him from Denver to Orlando with his miles ticket, but there was nothing. No connections, 8 hour waits in the airport between connections. It was not happening. I hung up from the call totally exasperated, not knowing what to do next ………… (more…)

Power of Your Intuition - accepting your gift

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Julie CusmariuJulie is an Intuitive Consultant, Certified Life Coach and speaker. Using her intuition and grounded earthly wisdom, Julie assists individuals in making exciting life changes, in bringing greater meaning into their lives and in living in alignment with their heart’s desires. Julie works with clients one-on-one and in groups to dialogue with their soul and awaken their spirit. She assists individuals in uncovering their inherent creativity and talents and their most empowered self. Julie cares deeply about leading individuals on a journey towards greater self-discovery and endless possibilities.

You can contact Julie at or 514.849-5761

Her website is

Come join us and call in 347 215 8414, Thursday 14th February at 7:00pmEST or 8:00Local Trini Time.

During the show you can call Julie and ask a question and receive her intuitive guidance and coaching on the call…

She will also be offering one free 25 minute coaching session to one of the callers on the show.

  • What is intuition?
  • How can you access it?
  • How does your intuition show up for you in your life?
  • What are the benefits of listening to your intuition?
  • How can you learn to trust your intuition?