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The Blame Game

Friday, June 15th, 2007

I was a guest last night on a pre-recorded radio talk show. Anything Goes, hosted by Deb Kolb, an empowerment coach, radio host and colleague. It was fun, enjoyable and wonderful to share this space with her on the airwaves. Her topic was about a powerful perspective shift, a framework for your life, a tool to help you move forward whenever you feel stuck. Responsibility versus Blame.

Here are a couple of questions that can help you move forward from that feeling of being stuck.bilde-3.png

What am I responsible for in this situation?

How have I created or contributed to this situation?

How have I allowed this in my life?

What can I do about it?

What choice and options do I have here?

What am I willing to do about it?

Responsibility - choosing the actions you want to take to produce the consequences you want in your life.

Response-ability: the ability to respond with the awareness of the consequences of our actions.

In the Blame Game Deb states the rules:

  • Always look outside yourself for those responsible for those doing this to you
  • Believe that you are powerless to do anything about the situation
  • Accept that everyone is smarter, stronger, and more resourceful and have more power than you do.

I would like to add another rule:

  • I am always right, and you are wrong.

This is the number one reason why we blame others, we also have a habit of rallying troops to help prove that the person who you blame is the villain.

When we blame others they are at fault, that makes us right.

When we blame ourselves we accept other people’s judgments, and opinions and give away our power.

Are you a Victim or a Master in your life?

Victim language;

  • I can’t…
  • I have to…
  • I should…
  • I am supposed to…
  • It’ not my fault
  • It’s all your fault,
  • There is nothing else I can do.

Master Language:

  • I choose to…
  • I will….
  • I am committed to..
  • I intend to…

If you took 10% more responsibility for your life, what would you do differently?


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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

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My First Podcast Test

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Yesterday I had my first official practice for my programme in September. My special guest is an empowerment coach, entrepreneur, radio host and inspirational speaker from Autrailia, Deb Kolb.

Since both Deb and myself both use the word “empowering” on our business cards, I thought this was synergistic and a great place to start our segment.

Some of the questions that were asked :bilde-3.png

What is an empowerment coach?

How do you define the word empowering?

What does the word empower mean to you?

What is the most empowering perspective you can share with your client?

What is the most empowering thing you have done for a client?

What is a question you can use to empower a client?

In your experience what has been the most empowering thing about coaching?

What encouraged you to be a coach?

How do we as coaches empower our clients?

I truly enjoyed the time spent together with my guest Deb. I do hope you will come join me and my guests and call in should you want coaching or to ask any questions concerning coaching. Come share an hour of power. Hope to hear from you at Thursdays 8-9pm EST.

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Monday, June 11th, 2007

Hello World!

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

I am thrilled, excited and joyous over the launching of my radio Programme Empowering Space, which will air this September, every Monday 8:00pm - 9:00pm EST and always 8:00pm local Trini time. To connect you will need to listen through the COTA website

You will be able to call in to the program by clicking the “Call Me” button located in the left menu.  Please note that you must have Skype installed to do this.