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Living Our Dreams

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Hi Everyone,

Just got back from a week long trip to Kentucky with my husband. It was amazing actually living one of the dreams he had on his dream list - Go to the Keenland Thoroughbred Sales, while living one of mine - traveling and visiting far off places with my husband. The excitement of actually being there, a place we only saw on tv, magazines, and to be a part of it. Did not come away with a weenling, yet it was just perfect.

I’m sorry I missed the first session in the Train the Trainer series, but this trip was all about some good old fashion self care - taking a well deserved week off from work and celebrating my 18 - months of training at ICA. It has been the most amazing 18 months.

Taking this seminar is also on my list of dreams - Being able to host teleclasses and eventually coach training in my country. Definitely about giving back and sharing all that I have received. A truly empowering space filled with support, nurturing, enthusiasm, encouragement, acknowledgment, trust, belief and possibility.