Soul Humming…..sssssshhh listen!

June 2nd, 2015

What words come to mind when you hear the word hummingbird?

Hummingbirds are known to make epic journeys during migration, they need to cross many obstacles, travel long distances. They are Remarkable planners, they will know where every feeder is along their path. They need to eat constantly because of their high metabolism.

I am the Daughter of hummingbird and a bullfighter- now there’s an “angry bird” for yuh!

From way up in the sky on one of her migrations,  my mother was mesmerized by the expansive wings and tantalizing movements, a courting dance.  Like the infinity patterns she makes with her own wings - she was attracted to what looked like a large hummingbird, glistening as she did, in all his bejeweled regalia.

My first epic flight was to travel from Spain to Eire - Land of the Hummingbirds - my first migration, mother showing me the way, trust, faith, hope, exploration.  A new land where the Amerindians believed these little birds were the souls of the departed.

Life was beautiful in the Caribbean and I too felt a powerful heart strum and fell in love at 15 and just knew within me, that this would be my partner for life, but we would have to do the courting dance for some years, until I was strong enough to leave the nest.

My brother died at the tender age of 14, he was filled with joy and an enthusiasm for life, a joie de vivre.  It was my first brush with death- one breath and he was no longer here,  where did his breath go, where did his spirit go? This became the beginning of another epic journey -  a journey to seek truth!
What did it all mean?
Who was I?
What was the purpose of life?
Why were we here?
Where did his spirit go?

I got married at 19 started feathering a nest, and  began our family at 20 - A wife and mother chick. Hummingbirds are hard workers and will visit hundreds of flowers a day for nectar, I painted pottery, painted jerseys, made cakes, took care of my three little chicks.
Although very tiny, they may appear vulnerable, yet are fiercely territorial and protective of what brings them joy, and do not back down from a fight, even against all odds. They have huge hearts for the size of their bodies. What they lack in physical strength and power they make up in courage, and strength of mind and spirit. They are resilient and have great endurance to go that extra mile.

Gypsy chick - Tarot, runes, guidance cards !  A seeker looking for guidance, seeking the truth  developing her own practice and learning to listen to her inner hum.  Soon the forest fires began, the fires were taking the ones I loved one by one. When everyone else ran out of the fires, I would fly back and forth taking what ever I could carry to try to quell the fires, whatever drop of compassion I could share with those who would soon be leaving me behind.  Diving into the pond, collecting whatever I could carry, doing what I could, one drop at a time. Feeling angry all my loved ones were leaving - I knew I needed to be present in every moment, these lessons would be for me, and I did not want to miss them.  These moments were pivotal moments for me.  Pay attention I told myself! Look deep for the sweet spot! The essence the sweet spots would be your healing balm!

All I could do was fly back and forth to the pond to retrieve a single drop, was it enough?
I could only do the best I could with the awareness I had at that time.

Before my mom died we would speak of how we would connect and how she would use her energy to let me know she was with me. Before she died she gave each of her children a hummingbird feeder, and let me know her energy will always be in the hummingbirds and she will be with me whenever I see one.  Soon after she died a hummingbird made a special visit. it flew into my kitchen and rested on the counter as I looked at the tiny bird I heard it whisper “hold me!” I stretched out the palm of my hand and the little bird moved into my hand. As I placed my fingers around it, it began to caress and massage me by moving its neck and head in a circular motion. My heart cracked open and I felt a melting of my heart, an expansive feeling of being deeply loved unconditionally.  The hummingbirds continued to visit me on special occasions and always whenever I needed guidance or needed to make a decision. The hummingbirds taught me there is no place like far away. I was not alone.  -LOVE, CONNECTION, UNDERSTANDING, GUIDANCE, TRUST

Third Epic Journey- “business chick”
I continued to flit from project to project trying to bring beauty into people’s lives decorating spaces, homes we had built for others. Then My husband and myself opened our own business, manufacturing components people could use to create beautiful spaces in their lives.

Empty Nest- My kids then all left for university and I too decided to go back to studying: after raising my chicks to bring out the best in themselves, and help them to be independent, self- reliant, I decided to do the same for myself, to develop my true potential.
What was the song my soul wanted to sing?

I decided to study something called “coaching” a very young and new concept in my country. So I signed up with an International Coaching Academy in Australia and studied with them for 2 years until I was certified.

An Empowering Space - my coaching practice, website, workshops, one on one coaching, radio program - YOUR HOUR OF POWER- I was flying from flower to flower sipping the sweet nectar. meeting like minded hummingbirds.  As a hummer I was so filled with energy, I wanted to do everything, and do everything on a GRAND SCALE. I felt confused, lost, burned out, overwhelmed, was unsure of how I could blend all these skills and techniques into something that made sense to me.  I was continually listening for my hum. The hummingbird continued to show up at different points on my coaching evolution, joyfully and playfully pointing the way.

I have always viewed coaching as an Empowering  Space, a place to focus, to gain clarity, a place of awareness which leads us to choice, and inspired actions.

The hummingbird has added another perspective and dimension to the meaning of an Empowering Space….
Each drop is your gift you give to the world, your contribution, your way of making a difference and an impact, no matter how large or small.  That drop is your healing medicine for the world and for yourself, that drop of sweet nectar, that flower’s essence.  Just as a hummingbird can fly high above things, looking into the pond you are able to see things from a new perspective, a mirror so to speak, a place for deep reflection.  The soul speaks to us in metaphorical images.  I have been able to use the wisdom of the enneagram, my visual maps and cards, as the pond, as a mirror to the soul.

Every hummingbird must rest in order to conserve and use their energy wisely. Many times we frenetically go through life without stopping, until we are burned out or overwhelmed, or sick, or even near death before we stop! All the while not even taking time to enjoy what we have accomplished.  A hummingbird has a wonderful daily strategy for conserving and replenishing their energy called TORPOR.    During the active part of their day, hummingbirds that undergo daily torpor maintain normal body temperature and activity levels, but their metabolic rate and body temperature drops during a portion of the day (usually night) to conserve energy. Torpor is often used to help them survive during periods of colder temperatures, as it allows the hummer to save the amount of energy that would normally be used to maintain a high body temperature.
This is an important lesson, and reminds us daily to take time for ourselves, to make proper use of our energy, and to maintain a spiritual practice of inquiry, reflection and contemplation, that will nurture our souls daily.

-TIMEOUT - pause- look at the incessant, infinity patterns of the movements of your wings, how can you use them differently, more effectively,  to hover, fly backwards, upwards, sideways and forward.
- OBSERVE - with curiosity - yourself, your thoughts, your inner dialogue, your behaviors
- REFLECT  - on your feelings, your reactions, your triggers, your beliefs
- PAY ATTENTION to where your attention goes, practice shifting focus, practice presence, pay attention to insights
- ORGANIZE- ,  and reorganize your behaviors, your priorities, your intentions, your resources
- REJUVENATE - renew- use your energy wisely- take inspired and intentional actions.

MEDICINE of the Humming Bird is bringing joy to others, soul tickles that delight your heart, a healing energy. Taking time to enjoy the sweet nectar of life, the things that make you, smile, laugh and bring you sheer delight. To restore health, joy and vitality to all aspects of your being.
While working with my clients, those who are courageous enough to embark on their epic flight of rediscovery and self awareness, I help them connect to the energy of the hummingbird, and reconnect to their authentic self, cut through the outer beauty and bedazzlement of the many roles they play, and go deep to the sweet spot of the soul.  PASSION! PURPOSE! HEALING! CONNECTION! CLARITY.

LESSONS the Hummingbird has taught me on my Epic Journey of coming home to myself. My rediscovery.

-Things are never as they appear on the outside, go deep and you will taste the sweet nectar of life.
-Courage, curiosity and creativity are required when we take an epic journey that eventually leads us back to source. We embark on a journey despite the tremendous odds, when there is not enough time, money, resources, or know how, for what we are attempting, yet have the faith to take the trip.
- When we deny the call of the hummingbird, we see ourselves as tiny and vulnerable and the feat as being impossible, we die when we settle for comfort over discovery. When we compromise the soul’s longing to grow, we wither and are sapped of any of the nectar of life.  When we reawaken the great instinct to explore, our lives become less mundane and trivial and becomes an epic journey, filled with awe wonder and delight.
- Reconnect to your life purpose and what brings you joy.
- Gain clarity and new insights
- Re-establish boundaries
- Regain an enthusiasm for life
- Follow your bliss it will lead you to source
- Make the impossible, possible
- Let your faith be bigger than your fear
- Share your essence - your single drop of medicine- with others in order to bring joy into Life
- To be true you must embrace the life that is calling you, listen to the Humming of your Soul?

What is your Soul Humming to you today? …. this is the image that came to me as  I thought of my Epic Journey.

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October 25th, 2013


The Flight of the Hummingbird - a coaching journey

June 10th, 2013

The Flight of the Hummingbird

The Flight of the Hummingbird

What images come up for you when you hear the word HUMMINGBIRD?

Agility, Freedom, Joy, Adaptability, Courage, Resilience, Wonder, Energy, Happiness, Beauty, Love, Seeker.

I like to use metaphors in my coaching because symbology speaks on a deeper level to our hearts and souls. The essence of metaphor is understanding and experiencing one kind of thing in terms of another. A metaphor is about capturing the essential nature of an experience. For example comparing the experience of being coached as an epic, wondrous and amazing journey, like the epic flight of a hummingbird.  Metaphors are sprinkled throughout our daily language.

Whatever a person says, sees, hears, feels or does, as well as what they imagine, can be used to comprehend and reason through a metaphor, as seen below with the metaphor of the hummingbird’s flight.

  • What type of journey are you on?
  • How have you prepared for this journey?
  • What is needed on this journey?
  • How will you rest and nourish yourself?
  • How will you rebalance your energies?
  • What is the purpose of this journey?
  • Why is it important to take this journey?
  • What could stop you from making this journey?
  • What would it be like to be on this amazing journey?
  • What benefits will you see in your life if you embark on this journey?
  • What valuable lessons will you learn?

The Hummingbirds make epic journeys in their lives travelling huge distances, from Brazil all the way up to Central America and parts of the United States, whenever they hear that instinctive call.  During migration, they need to cross many obstacles, and against all odds.  Remarkable planners, they will know where every feeder or flower is along their path. At first glance, they seem, tiny, defenseless, vulnerable, however they are feisty and will defend what they love and will not back down from a fight.  What they may lack in physical strength and power, they make up in courage and bravery and strength of mind, heart and spirit. A tiny little bird, with high energy, constantly needing to feed and replenish its energy during these long trips, because of its high metabolic rate. They are extremely skilled at flight as they can dart forward, backward, sideways and are the only bird that can hover.  So what can we learn from this tiny, swift energetic, adept little hummingbird?

Those migrations are similar to the epic journeys of self awareness.  It is not only an inspiring metaphor but an energetic connection. Connecting to the qualities of the hummingbird and its energy can give us some valuable strategies.  They can provide us with the courage and guidance necessary to take this journey, a journey despite tremendous odds, where we feel there is not enough time, money, energy and resources or know how for what we are attempting.  Just like this tiny bird, if we settle for comfort in our nest and we deny the intuitive call of discovery, or compromise the soul’s longing to grow, we become weak, and wither and die. When we reawaken this great instinct to learn and to explore,  our lives become less mundane and trivial and becomes an exciting, passionate and uplifting epic journey.

On this journey you will have support and together we :

  • restore, health, joy, enthusiasm and vitality to all aspects of our lives.
  • reconnect to your life purpose and that which brings you joy
  • empower your individuality and uniqueness
  • re-establish personal boundaries
  • gain clarity and new insights
  • regain an enthusiasm for life
  • open up to choice and possibilities
  • manifest your dreams
  • make the impossible, possible by taking inspired actions.
If you you are someone with boundless energy, flitting form activity to activity, while your spirit feels drained, overwhelmed and under nourished, unable to find what you are looking for, then perhaps it is time to take a pause, some time out, to shift your perspective, gain some clarity, and re-energize and rebalance your energy. If you are looking to bring more joy into your life, you must be willing to slow down, to hover, to pause, to sip the sweet nectar that is your life.
This is an EMPOWERING SPACE, a space to bring your brilliance into focus, a reflective, safe space where you can truly get to rediscover who you are, what brings you joy, what makes your heart strum?  A place to listen to that inner hum and the song your heart wants to sing.
What gives your heart the greatest joy?


The Way of the Hummingbird- I will do the best that I can.

June 4th, 2013

I will be a hummingbird - narrated by Wangari Maathai (English)


April 3rd, 2013

Clustering is a technique used in creative writing, it is like mind mapping your thoughts, capturing them in little bubbles and connecting them to one another. The writing that comes from clustering brings forth truths that you may have lost sight of, it has a quality of wholeness, requiring neither addition nor subtraction, it just is. It feels like coming full circle. I use this technique in my coaching to allow clients to get to their deeper thoughts and feelings.

Using the word MAYBE as a guide, take a sheet of paper and cluster words that come to your mind without any judgements. When you feel complete just start writing until you feel to stop.
Beneath is my vignette.


MAYBE was a woman,
as indecisive as COULD BE,
with wonderful intentions,
she eagerly set out to see,
what in the world she SHOULD BE.
But “wondering” along the way,
she became hesitant and afraid.
She did not know, which way to go,
which way, MIGHT set her free.
MAYBE, I SHOULD stop a while,
and ask a few directions,
or listen to the words,
someone else WOULD have to say.
SUPPOSE I take a wrong turn,
and end up getting lost..
SHOULD I pause a little,
to plead for some advice.
A little reassurance MAYBE,
that’s all I really need.

The time passed by,
MAYBE, MUST have stayed too long,
Listening to what others had to say.
She sat there now befuddled and confused,
deciding not to move.
Lamenting on the time lost,
and why she took that turn.
IF ONLY she had stayed on track
and listened to her HEART,
she would not still be pondering…
and what MAY HAVE BEEN.

by Lydia Mattison

Ginger Lapid-Bogda - ‘The Enneagram in Business’ - Interview by Iain McNay

March 15th, 2013


Type’s Core Fears and Self-Image

March 15th, 2013

The wisdom of the Enneagram now being valued in Business.

March 14th, 2013

The Wisdom of the Enneagram being used in business unleashing potential in Leaders, Teams and Organizations. Already an invaluable tool in education, arts, psychology, parenting, and healthcare.

The Enneagram is an invaluable tool and map to self awareness and self discovery, through our self awareness we are able to have meaningful and long lasting relationships. It teaches compassion and helps transform self- defeating and sabotaging behaviours into life enhancing powerful choices.

It has opened my perspective and is an amazing tool for introspection and self discovery. It has expanded my visibility and offered me clarity, focus and choice, and amazing insights into all of my relationships, and clients.

Finding what really matters is a personal experience. Discover why the enneagram would matter to you, and if you need some help or a guide I will walk with you. Step into an Empowering Space.

Shifting Perspectives

November 4th, 2012

What if you could see things through a different lens, how would your world change?

лак за паркет

You can heal your life!

November 4th, 2012